About Us

Pansit Malabon Express started in the year 2000 when Engineer Lutgardo Cruz constructed a food cart complete with high tech equipment where customers would be able to see the preparation of Pansit Malabon, as it was traditional done for over 120 years. Customers would see the boiling and mixing of noodles, the peeling of cooked shrimp, the cutting of adobong pusit, the slicing of boiled eggs and other delicious activities.


After our successful participation in the 1st Asian Ethnic Food Festival at the Philippine Trade Training Center where we were the top sales grosser, Pansit Malabon Express arrived. From the years 2001 to 2004, the company had one (1) company-owned outlet and four (4) franchisees. Our franchising rapidly grew from 2005 up to the present where we now have thirty (30) franchise stores.


Our company is primarily focused in its expansion through the establishment of company-owned units and through franchising. Our goal is to bring our deliciously unique food products closer and accessible to our target market.


As a support service, Engineer Cruz established LVC Seafresh Foods Manufacturing Inc., which houses the commissary that supplies all PME outlets. The commissary produces all the ingredients and supplies the raw materials, packaging materials and other food products proprietary to Pansit Malabon Express.


With our participation in various franchise organizations and the entry of new investors, Pansit Malabon Express, Inc. is now in the middle of a major expansion program.


To be a renowned Filipino specialty, fastfood chain serving food of exceptional taste, premium quality and great value supported by outstanding service all over the world.

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